R.E.A.C.H. Coalition

The Coalition is comprised of Ayuda Community Center (ACC) as a faith-based community organization working directly with children, youth and families in after school programming, One Hope Community Church, acting as the second faith-based organization that provides pastoral care and community building, Esperanza Health Center, acting as the primary healthcare provider that delivers primary health care service, and Casa de Consejeria y Salud Integral, Inc., acting as the licensed PA Medical Assistance behavioral health provider experienced in trauma-informed care.

The Coalition is strongly committed to promoting whole strong families by strengthening their youths, children, and caregivers in order to thrive as influential members of their community, living free from addiction, fragmentation, and alienation. Our mission will empower youth, children, and the family unit to create resiliency within their community by strengthening the relationship with self, family members, and community through therapeutic outlets, education, and celebration. The strength in our coalition is that our values dovetail within our individual organizations and easily translates to the target population we will serve collectively. Our values are the following:

  1. Holistic—Address health in all aspects (spiritual, emotional, physical)
  2. JusticeRecognizing the worth of each individual and addressing obstacles that prevent their full restoration.
  3. ReconciliationSeeking whole relationships with God, self and others
  4. CelebrationAffirming the existing assets within the family and community