The mission of CASA is to restore and empower Latinos and their families through the addiction recovery process, utilizing a holistic approach by providing treatment, education, and supportive services.  The mission is achieved when clients not only improve their own lives, but contribute to the health and recovery of others struggling with substance abuse, as well. 


To provide the Latino Community in North Philadelphia with an Institution that provides effective treatment and adequate resources that will lead individuals to reach long-term recovery and healthy lives.

Core Values

Holistic: We believe that God created us whole meaning we have a spirit, body, and mind to care for.
Family: CASA is like a home away from home where anyone can find comfort, encouragement, serenity, and revival.
Integrity: can be defined as being whole and undivided. CASA is made up of a strong, unified team who take the upmost pride in their roles in helping others.
Person First: At CASA we believe in a Person First approach. Our clients are what keeps us going and it is our responsibility to provide primary care and attention to each unique individual.
Compassion: Without compassion we can not learn nor understand. We hold this value closest to our hearts.


Our Commitment Continues

CASA de Consejeria y Salud Integral, Inc. (CASA) is a not for profit organization located in the heart of the Latino community in North Philadelphia.   It was originally founded in 1993 as a grassroots movement, to provide holistic services to a population in an area that lacked qualitative resources.  This was established through a network of volunteer professionals ranging in psychology, behavioral health, and pastoral disciplines.

Here at CASA, we work passionately to care for its individuals and families.  We have the urgency to provide the services that our community deserves and refuse to provide less than what is needed. 

Our staff is composed of clinicians, peer specialists, recovery volunteers, clerical and administrative staff, who provide a range of services.  At CASA, people are heard and we take their life experiences and treatment with the utmost sincerity. We will continue to proudly grow, while we continue honoring our mantra “Genesis of a New Life”.  

The CASA Family