Driving Under the Influence Program

CASA’s Driving Under the Influence Program uses education and supportive services to teach members to avoid driving while impaired. Since 2004, the Driving Under the Influence Program has referred individuals for court evaluations and Drug and Alcohol Full Assessments (Assessment Severity Index) by a DUI certified counselor. Based on the assessment, the evaluator makes recommendations for DUI psycho-educational classes or Alcohol Highway Safety School, which are provided on-site by a certified DUI Instructor and comprise 12.5 hours of instruction.

A $35 rescheduling fee will be charged for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hour notice.


An evaluation linked through PennDot that is required for all DUI offenders in Pennsylvania. The evaluation is a pre-screening tool used to determine if you will be referred for a more comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment, and is used as a statistical tool for Pennsylvania.
A comprehensive assessment that determines the severity of the client’s addiction. Each session is mandated and incorporates referral information in addition to the client’s self reports as well as CRN (Court Reporting Network) Evaluation.
Psycho-educational sessions with a counselor that explores the client's knowledge of addition and helps further their application of ideas such as abstinence and controlled drinking.
Teaches the client the underlying reasons for driving laws. It’s a 12 and half hour course that is mandatory for any first and or second DUI offender within a 10 year period. A separate $5 fee will be charged for the mandated PA DUI Association workbook manual.